Arena Attendance

Posted by Copper Cliff Minor Hockey Association on Dec 15 2020 at 09:55AM PST

I hope everyone has been enjoying the games and felt like we have had a little bit of “normal” return to our hockey lives. I would like to thank everyone who have read and is abiding by the rules. However we need to do better. We are fortunate to be able to have hockey even if the rules are a little different, because if we don’t, hockey will be finished.
That being said, I am strongly encouraging you all to do the right thing, and use the 1 parent rule. We have had many parents who took turns waiting in the parking lot and switching during the second half of the game as to not go over the arena limit in the stands, and I thank you for that. So I understand the frustration that comes with sitting in the car and watching whole families( 2 parents, siblings, grandparents etc..) exit the arena together.
I know everyone wants to be there and support their athletes but right now it just can’t happen, or our hockey season will be terminated..
The coaching staff and many volunteers put in hundreds of extra hours behind the scenes to ensure we can return to hockey safely. So they will not tolerate this complete disregard of rules, they will simply just resign from their roles rather than stand at the door and stop families from entering. Let’s work together so we can continue doing what we love! Please explain to your loved ones and extended families the reasons why they can’t attend at this time.
Your assistance in this matter is appreciated by all.
Michael Creasey
Copper Cliff Minor Hockey


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