Posted by Dave Eastman on Dec 10 2021 at 09:55AM PST

This is the official language provided by Public Health Sudbury in regards to recreational sports.
We are currrently awaiting further clarification and direction as to how this directly applies to our association. Until then, games and practices will proceed as scheduled with implementation of changes regarding the 15 minute time interval before and after events.
We will keep you posted as information becomes available.

18.4. The following additional requirements apply to facilities used for sports and recreational
fitness activities (including areas for spectators within those facilities and areas where
personal physical fitness trainers provide instruction within those facilities):
a. Every person participating in a fitness or exercise class must maintain a physical distance
of at least three metres from every other person.
b. Team sports or games that may result in personal contact must not be practiced or played
at the facility unless the sport has been modified to avoid personal contact.
c. Paragraph b. does not apply to participants in:
a sport league or association identified in Column 2 of the Tables in paragraph 7
above that is associated with the sport identified in Column 3 of those Tables; or
a national or international single sport event hosted by a national sport
organization that is either funded by Sport Canada or recognized by the Canadian
Olympic Committee or the Canadian Paralympic Committee.
d. Set, monitor, and enforce occupancy limits for change rooms, washrooms, and bathrooms
based on maintaining a minimum distance of 2 metes between occupants.
e. Develop policies to minimize the amount of time persons attending the facility spend in
enclosed spaces, specifically:
Not permitting persons attending the facility to enter the facility more than 15
minutes before the start of the event and requiring them to vacate the facility
within 15 minutes following the event;
Giving direction to participants in all sports and recreational fitness activities to
arrive at the facility fully or partially dressed to minimize time spent in changing
room facilities; and
Giving direction to participants in all sports and recreational fitness activities to
remain masked as long as possible before engaging in their sport or recreational fitness activity, e.g., including in changerooms..

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